D1.3 Development of fair product price functions Report on BM mapping and qualitative

Deliverable 1.3 aims to address various aspects related to fair food chains and consumer behavior. It focuses on determining a fair distribution of the food euro from the consumer’s perspective, understanding the factors that influence consumers’ fairness judgments in food chains (with a specific emphasis on the farmer’s share), and testing consumers’ buying intentions for fair food products.

To achieve these objectives, the deliverable employs a consumer-oriented approach that combines multiple attributes associated with Mediterranean (MED) diet products. These attributes include fairness, nutritional value, shelf-life, convenience, organoleptic quality, and health-related compound content. The deliverable seeks to better understand consumer segments and their sensitivity to fairness, as well as measure the market potential of fair food products. Additionally, it aims to define fair products by integrating the key attribute of fairness with other sustainability attributes. These fair products will be produced using Mediterranean ingredients that are fairly paid to farmers. The project acknowledges that consumers may perceive a trade-off between fairness and other attributes, particularly price. Therefore, it aims to explore when and why consumers are more likely to choose products that are perceived as fairer, even when there is a trade-off with other valued attributes. The methodology includes an online Choice Experiment consumer survey involving respondents from Mediterranean countries. Consumers will have the opportunity to select various food product attributes, including fairness, and observe the corresponding increase in price based on the ingredient selected. Through this survey, the project aims to determine the extent to which consumers prioritize fairness in a trade-off scenario with other attributes.

Overall, the deliverable aims to enhance our understanding of consumer preferences for fair food products, establish fair distribution practices. By addressing these aspects, the project seeks to promote fairer strategies for food markets that ensure fair prices for farmers and contribute to more sustainable and responsible food chains.

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