Open Innovation Community

The Open Innovation Community is a digital platform that welcomes all stakeholders who are committed to advancing fairness and sustainability in the agri-food sector. The community is open to anyone who wants to participate in the conversation on innovative solutions in agriculture and validate the results of the GourMed pilot companies and value chains.


Through regular online forums, members can share and discuss emerging ideas and solutions, allowing for reflection and brainstorming to ensure the fairness and sustainability of the project results. We invite you and your organization to join the Open Innovation Community and contribute to the discussion on the future of agri-food supply chains. By clicking the button above, you can receive detailed information on how to subscribe to the OIC and become an active member.

Added value

The Open Innovation Community is committed to promoting fairness and sustainability within the agri-food sector by providing value to its members through:


  • Explicitly focusing on agri-food issues and on the employment of innovative solutions in order to promote fairness and sustainability;
  • Actively involving international members, bringing together relevant insights from Europe and Africa;
  • Conducting regular online meetings and events to address emerging challenges in a flexible and effective manner.
  • Emphasizing the sourcing of valuable knowledge from community members and highlighting the assets of GourMed, as the outcome of various Work Packages.


In return, the project will provide the OIC members with new perspectives and insights to adequately address the challenges on the agri-food environment and innovative tools in order to increase the competitiveness of their MED agri-food chains. That means additional knowledge and decision capacities about the sustainable Mediterranean agri-food chains transition and understanding the value creation and fair value appropriation in small-actor food value chains.

OIC Discussion Hubs

The Open Innovation Community organizes its discussions into multiple hubs. These online forums allow experts to interact and exchange ideas on specific questions or issues, with the ultimate goal of validating and possibly replicating the innovative solutions produced and tested by the GourMed pilot companies.


Each year, at least 2 or 3 discussions will be initiated within the online community hubs and actively moderated by GourMed partners.


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