GourMed will provide new, innovation embedding, optimised governance and operational models of agri-food supply chains ensuring/aiming at food quality, profitability and sustainability, to enhance value creation by Mediterranean value chains (especially vs cheap imports) and to balance power and value appropriation among Mediterranean VC actors. To achieve its aim, the project will pursue the four project objectives.

GourMed main objectives :

Understand value creation & fair value appropriation in small-actor food value chains

Deliver a multi-actor strategy and its implementation tools to increase the competitiveness of MED agri-food chains

Implement and use real-life pilots to assess project impacts and validate outputs

Provide guidelines and criteria enabling sustainable Mediterranean agri-food chains 

GourMed Benefits & Impacts

GourMed will lead to five major impacts:

Ø  GourMed will provide new technology tools and business models for access to market, suited to local clusters and SMEs, and creation of a new generations of young entrepreneurs.

Ø  GourMed will provide new insights in the competitiveness of local clusters of farmers, small manufacturers and distributors, with integrated innovative planning and institutional solutions for sustainability and profitability.

Ø  GourMed will provide new options to increase the added value of products from local clusters.

Ø  GourMed will enhance transparencies in fair trade and shortening agri-food chain beneficial for smallholders.

Ø  GourMed will lead to enhanced verified consumer feedback on quality and safety of products from smallholders.

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