D1.4 Impact assessment of reviewed BMs and technologies on fair product prices

The purpose of D1.4 is to analyze and assess the business models where price fairness was identified in D1.1 of the GourMed project. Specifically, the report examines the stakeholders involved in each BM, the decisions they make, and the parameters needed to express the value of VC products associated with each BM. The report will also evaluate the impacts of implementing the BMs and three technological innovations, including a) analytical methods for identifying the origin, safety, genuineness, and typicality of MED food products; b) a blockchain-based solution for tracking information and certificates such as origin, genuineness, and typicality; and c) an app that helps consumers make informed choices about fair and transparent MED food chains based on product price attributes.

To achieve these goals, the report used the business model canvas tool to present the analysis framework. The required parameters and decision variables associated with each stakeholder of each BM have been collected through desktop research of published reports and academic articles. Additionally, the report analyzed the VCs of the 200 fair products retrieved in D1.2 to understand the impact of BMs on the fair pricing of products.

Finally, focus group (FG) interviews have been conducted during GourMed workshops to validate the findings. Participants for the FG interviews were recruited based on expertise in the management and assessment of agrifood VCs. Two types of groups were recruited namely academics and agrifood manufacturing companies. A semi-structured interview guide with open-ended questions was used to direct the conversations, which were centered around the finding of the literature review analysis. The interactive nature of these discussions often prompted participants to explore and clarify their own views in relation to those of others, leading to a rich and nuanced data set for our analysis.

The main output of D1.4 report analyzes the fair BMs identified in D1.1 and assesses the impact of implementing the BMs and the three technological innovations mentioned above on product prices. The report will be used to feed Deliverables 2.1 and 2.2 of the project.

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