hr chatbot use cases

Instead of dealing with complicated processes on platforms they rarely visit, they can find relevant courses just by asking. When an employee tests positive for COVID, you need to immediately get in touch with them and offer resources and assistance. A chatbot reaches out in chat, setting up a direct line of communication as soon as possible.

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Responsible innovation takes into account how new technology and business solutions impact society. This approach is definitely relevant for AI in HR and especially recruitment and performance management. Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks implemented a Moveworks HR chatbot in 2020. Since then, more than 90% of Palo Alto Networks employees have used the bot to get accurate information and resolve workplace issues. The company has reported saving 351K hours of employee productivity thanks to this technology. Chatbots use the technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to simulate human-like verbal or written interactions.

Chatbots for Education

The bot analyzes the data and minimum requirements that the recruiters set for a specific position. Chatbots for HR is evolving in their speech and the ability to have human-like conversations. The role of AI in human resource management is to remove the barrier of the lack of connection that arises from a robotic tone. After every process; be it the screening or interviews, the HR department often takes ages to get back to the candidates. Either the recruiters are occupied, or they miss out on giving feedback.

What are the benefits of HR chatbot?

HR chatbots help automate recruiter/HR tasks like interview scheduling, candidate screening, and answering simple candidate queries, such as the application status or basic questions about the company culture, policies, etc.

As workforce demographics continue to get more distributed and accustomed to mobile communication, enterprises must embrace AI chatbots to streamline their HR processes. Chatbots make on-boarding truly a self-serve process as they have the ability to talk to employees onsite and interact with workforce management softwares like Peoplesoft, Kronos, and Workday. For that reason, Sumser cautions companies thinking about deploying HR chatbots not to expect that much. May also emphasized that companies need to promote their chatbot pilots, providing constant reinforcement that the chatbot is there, ready to use.

Guide to Using AI in Human Resources

Bank of America’s “Erica” is perhaps the most successful banking chatbot on the market today. Erica is able to show FICO scores, make transactions, show credit rewards, inform users of duplicate charges, and more. Marker Bros offers e-commerce retailers a chatbot template that is able to help customers exchange an item they have bought, or give it back for a monetary refund or store credit. Helpdesk functionality can be easily embedded in a bot that can create/assign cases, notify users of updates and answer users’ questions.

Chatbots also help reduce cart abandonment as they can remind customers about the items left in their cart and prompt them to update their cart or purchase the items. Timely reminders and notifications will nudge the customers to revisit their carts and make a purchase decision, thereby helping businesses generate revenue quickly. According to Gartner, by 2021, over 50% of companies will spend more on developing chatbots (intelligent conversational assistants) against traditional mobile app development.

Onboard new hires more easily with Welcome Bot

A chatbot is an AI software designed to have online conversations with human users. In addition, customer feedback indicates that ChatGPT and Altogic are easy to use and integrate with existing HR systems. Customers appreciate the user-friendly interfaces and the ability to customize workflows to their specific needs. ChatGPT’s ability to understand and respond to natural language queries is particularly well-received by employees, who appreciate the speed and accuracy of its responses. According to Crunchbase, VCs have invested over 800 million dollars in at least 14 known start-ups like Safedrugbot, Sensely, Cancer Chatbot, and others to own a version of a chatbot with health features. The most significant advantage is that chatbots function silently 24/7 without disrupting anyone and answering questions at any time of the day.

hr chatbot use cases

This solution is designed to work with businesses of all sizes, but it’s particularly good for recruitment teams that see digital advertising as a big component of their recruitment strategy. Brazen’s recruiting chatbot lets you save time by having live chats with qualified candidates anytime, anywhere. One of its standout features is that the chatbot provides candidates with replies in not only text but also video form. Humanly’s HR chatbot for professional volume and early career hiring is simple, personalized, and quick to deploy.

How a Chatbot Automates Tier-1 IT Support – Free IT Helpdesk Chatbot.

People analytics is necessary to turn workplace data into informed insights, that allow for effective management decisions. Indian fintech company ClearTax managed to achieve a 3x hiring speed and find more than 300 employees with the help of TurboHire’s advanced features. Moveworks has developed an advanced HR chatbot that provides swift automatic HR assistance in both small and large companies. HR is an organization’s department or function that deals with employer-employee relations and ensures that every employee is the right fit for their position to maximize workplace efficiency.

Chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to understand employee requests and provide accurate information in real-time. This eliminates the possibility of human error and saves you time and money. Applaud’s Digital Assistants are a best-in-class chatbot solution to save time and money for your HR teams. As with our whole platform, you can customize and personalize your Digital Assistants to suit your helpdesk and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes. Whether you’re using a ticketing system or dealing with requests in real-time, it can be time consuming for your HR Team who are often being asked the same questions on a daily basis.

Digital Assistant: A Powerful Tool in the Workplace

Collectively it will increase the employee engagement and their productivity levels. The image below represents that 88% of HR managers prioritise strategizing employee engagement. The exact execution of the automation will bring the correct output, making employees feel confident and empowered, and which results in an overall enhancement of the company. To improve employee experience and drive efficiency, IBM Watson® Assistant uses best-in-class natural language understanding (NLU) to provide easy access to HR policies and automate often-requested tasks.

hr chatbot use cases

Chatbots are a great ally to the customer support team, promoters, data collectors, and so much more. If you’re wondering how your company can use these virtual assistants, check out the different use cases by business function and industry. A virtual assistant for HR is a powerful tool as the work culture evolves massively everywhere. Human resources need automation to tackle uncertain situations and stay resilient. As a result, your HR team will become more empowered to minimize workplace threats such as attrition, rising costs, and churn.

Chatbot automation: what it is and how you can implement it

Paradox’s flagship product is their HR chatbot, Olivia, named after the founder’s wife. The founding team at Paradox hated the idea of building a lifeless, robotic recruiting chatbot so they named their product after a real person in hopes of giving it some personality. Interestingly, the chatbot’s profile picture is the actual Olivia’s picture upon which the chatbot is based. Paradox stands out from the crowd because of their stellar implementation team and their flagship product Olivia, an AI assistant that interacts with job candidates via text.

What is a chatbot use case?

Chatbots can be used to communicate with people, answer common questions, and perform specific tasks they were programmed for. They gather and process information while interacting with the user and increase the level of personalization.

HR bots would quickly get employees the answers they are looking for, making them more productive and ultimately more satisfied. HR training using chatbots is very effective since it involves more interactive participation by employees rather than sitting through a standard training video or watching a powerpoint presentation. Chatbots and AI have become household names and enterprises are taking notice.

Employee Self-Service

All these elements have of course an impact on the price of chatbot development. First and foremost, you need to define the chatbot’s functions, its value

proposition and of course its objectives. Chatbots are far from being equal, neither in their use, nor in their

possibilities, nor in their functionality. The differences in the bot’s

objective will lead to more or less work upstream. When you buy a chatbot, you are buying a tool that requires advanced


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AI Is Coming In The Front Door To Get The Back Office.

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Below image is an example of an HR chatbot demo where an employee is asking his available leave days to the bot. Deploying chatbots to official social media accounts (including WhatsApp) can help organizations attract customers. For example, Dominos launched its Facebook Messenger restaurant chatbot (so-called “pizza bot“) to ease the process of pizza ordering. Customers can reply with a pizza emoji or a keyword so that the bot understands the user demands a pizza and then the chatbot collects more info regarding the ingredients of pizza and delivery details. The technology – chatbots and RPA bots  – can be applied to almost anything.

As millennials enter the job market, use an interface they’re familiar with to explain things they’re not. Answer questions while engaging employees through interactive feedback loops, pepper it with gifs, accelerate team performance, and measure the impact of better learning through quizzes. Conversational AI chatbots can assist you in recording candidate responses in real-time. Automating your HR processes with a chatbot can give you important insights into the current health of your process.

hr chatbot use cases

It is still important for your HR department to be well-staffed in order to field more advanced and personalized questions. OpenAI and Altogic offer powerful solutions for HR departments looking to streamline their operations and enhance employee experience. The adoption of AI in HR has the potential to transform the way organizations manage their workforce.

However, it’s better to pick a manageable HR bot use case and roll it out to a small set of employees or a single region or department. The learnings gained in starting small usually open up new ideas for subsequent use cases, for broader reach, or for additional features. Between some famous and well-reported chatbot flops to the hype around them replacing large chunks of the workforce, it’s no wonder that businesses are cautious about implementing them. However, no one wants to miss out on the great opportunities that can be achieved through conversational AI software solutions. Each interface evolution brings with it new employee engagement models and business opportunities.

hr chatbot use cases

How chatbots are used in HR?

An HR chatbot is a virtual assistant that simulates human dialogue with candidates and employees in order to automate comprehensive functions like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, managing employee referrals, and more.

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